Monday, June 23, 2003

Chris Matthews Slags the Clintons on Charlie Rose

By now, its old news how Chris Matthews was invited on the Charlie Rose Show to dump his special brand of horseshit all over Bill and Hillary Clinton. For those who missed it, it went something like this:

ROSE: Chris, tell me what you think of the (Hillary Clinton) book.

MATTHEWS: Well, I think the book is evidence of why the police always want to interview the suspects as quickly as possible.

ROSE: Oh no you didn't!

MATTHEWS: You don't want to leave them a lot of time to rehearse their answers and in this case, you're dealing with the Menendez Brothers of American politics, Bill and Hillary Clinton . . . (rimshot)

ROSE: Oh, snap!!

MATTHEWS: . . . and although each is in separate cells, politically speaking, they do communicate, obviously.

ROSE: Snarfle!

Matthews later revealed that he hasn't even read the book. (For dramatic purposes, the responses of Charlie Rose have been paraphrased).

Now, a short quiz.

Bill Clinton is to Chris Matthews as a Lipizaner Stallion is to:

1. A Road Apple
2. A Deer Tick
3. Intestinal Polyps
4. A Smegma Sandwich


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