Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Drunken businessman asks homosexual bartender about "Gay Initiation"

Prefacing his questions with, "I'm not gay or anything, but . . .", inebriated local businessman Jay Hondecker quizzed batender Harold Sims about, "how does a guy become gay?" "Is it like other gay guys come to you and offer to let you join, or, do you have to go find one and ask?", Hondecker inquired. Frustrated with the bartender's equivical answers, Hondecker pressed further about secret symbols of the gay fraternity. "I know when I became a Mason, we had certain code words and even a special handshake", he explained. Upset that Mr. Sims was not more forthcoming with specific details of homosexual interaction, Hondecker left Sims a 10% tip.


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