Monday, June 16, 2003

George Bush knows a good fish-out-of-water story . . .

'When George got on the board at Silver Screen in 1983, we didn't expect a whole lot,' says a formerly high-ranking Disney production executive who wished to remain anonymous. 'But it's funny how the squeaky wheel gets the grease.' ... 'He said he had two kinds of things he always liked to see,' asserts a junior White House aide. 'One was the fish-out-of-water story -- the nice guy, maybe not too bright, who gets stuck in unfamiliar circumstances. You don't have to look too far to figure out where that comes from. The other was the story where the uptight yuppie guy learns to relax with the help of a funny sidekick -- often a sidekick of color. Sister Act had that, and so did Down and Out in Beverly Hills. [Bush] just went nuts for that formula.'"


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