Friday, June 27, 2003

Howard Dean Getting Gored

". . . (T)he pundit corps has a Standard Story whenever Dem hopefuls do Meet the Press. They say how brilliant Russert was—and they lament the Dem’s gruesome performance. Since Sunday, Dean has been battered for his performance. But there’s nothing new about this, of course. When Candidate Gore did Meet the Press on July 16, 2000, Russert made a string of errors—and Gore was hammered for a grisly outing. “Liberal” pundit Margaret Carlson raced to express the Standard Outlook. “Russert chopped [Gore] up in little pieces,” she colorfully said. “It looked like he was a candidate who was bolted together by the people at the robot factory.” But so it goes when your “liberal” pundits express their Conventional Wisdom."

From the Daily Howler.


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