Wednesday, June 25, 2003

I Got Your WMD Right Here

While U.S. troops were detailed to guard Iraqi oil assets, ignored nuclear facilities were looted. Like Dick Cheney during Vietnam, we "had other priorities". Greenpeace seems to be accomplishing what the invasion failed to do - securing potential weapons of mass destruction. Greenpeace scientists have discovered numerous looted radioactive items, including an "automobile sized" cannister of uranium yellowcake. With the help of locals, on June 24, 2003 the Greenpeace folks delivered the cannister to U.S. authorities posted at a nearby Iraqi nuclear facility. Here's how they describe the scene:

Some folks might think nothing works in Baghdad, and sometimes that's true. But when the local community know that you're going to take away a huge lump of radioactivity from outside their front door, you'd be amazed what can happen.

This morning we had welders. We had lorry drivers. We even managed to magic up a fork-lift truck. We sealed up that cannister and its filthy contents, put it on the truck, and we drove straight through the gates of the Tuwaitha nuclear complex.

Right now, I'm standing at the first military checkpoint, and when they clapped eyes on our convoy of vehicles with yellow flags and "Greenpeace" spattered across them, a huge cannister on a flatbed truck with radiation symbols across it, and a large number of press (ha ha ha), the first thing the US Marine said was not "of course we'll take it back it's our responsibility," it was a shout to his comrades: "there's a whole bunch of motherfuckers heading straight for us." Got that right, mate.

These guys got big brass ones that clank.


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