Saturday, June 28, 2003

Lawmaker Suggests Burying Islamic Militants in Pig Blood

BOSTON - State Senator Guy W. Glodis has angered Muslims and a civil rights group over a flier he sent to fellow senators that says terrorist attacks could be deterred if convicted Muslim extremists were buried with pig entrails. The flier, which Glodis's 39 colleagues received Wednesday, said an execution of Muslim extremists in the Philippines was ordered by General John Joseph 'Black Jack' Pershing before World War I, in which the terrorists were shot with bullets dipped in pigs' blood, then buried with 'pigs' blood, entrails, etc.' According to the flier, contact with the blood and entrails of pigs 'instantly barred' Muslims from paradise, dooming them to hell. It said news of the burial deterred other terrorist attacks for 'the next forty-two years.' 'Maybe it is time for this segment of history to repeat itself, maybe in Iraq,' the flier concluded.

I've got a better idea. We could have a TV show where offenders are forced to undergo a public humiliation which violates religious and social beliefs. Wait . . . Bill O'Reilly already invented that.


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