Thursday, June 26, 2003

Michael "Savage" Weiner Helps You Put the Lead Back in the Pencil

Being an angry, raving hatemonkey can decrease sexual performance and desire dramatically, and may even cause impotence. This can lead to more anger, more hate, as you try to "compensate" for your less than adequate man muscle.

Michael Savage knows. Being a hard-on doesn't mean you can have a hard-on. Sure, there's Viagra. But man, them boner pills is expensive! Especially when all your money is going to Free Republic donations, Left Behind books, and those nasty legal fees from fighting Ann Coulter's No Contact order.
Now, Michael "Savage" Weiner is proud to introduce Little Patriot Pills, the Herbal Viagra Alternative. Made with 100% American vitamins and herbs, not that Turd-World crap. These pills will have your "Little Patriot" standing tall and saluting, engorged with red, white, and blue vigor!

Don't be limp like a Democrat wimp. Buy your Little Patriot Pills today! Only $9.11 per bottle.


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