Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Mission Accomplished?

Apparently, the battle continues . . .

"A force of more than 1,500 US troops, backed by tanks and armoured vehicles, is to take control of two towns near Baghdad that are thought to be sheltering Iraqi fighters still loyal to Saddam Hussein.

In the next 10 days, battle-hardened troops of the US army's 3rd Infantry Division will be sent into Falluja and Habaniya, west of Baghdad. The troops, who led the invasion of Iraq and the capture of Baghdad, will be backed up by 88 Abrams tanks and 44 Bradley fighting vehicles.

They will saturate the area with checkpoints and conduct search operations, targeting Ba'ath party supporters and other militias from the towns."...

You'd think T-ball Bush would remember the advice of another simple, straight talking baseball guy: "It ain't over til its over".


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