Sunday, July 27, 2003

Bush Nominates "Starr Report" Author for D.C. Bench

WASHINGTON, July 25 — President Bush escalated his fight with Senate Democrats over judicial nominations today by naming two new candidates for judgeships for the federal appeals court in Washington, widely regarded as second in importance only to the Supreme Court.

Mr. Bush nominated Brett M. Kavanaugh, an associate White House counsel, and Janice R. Brown, a California Supreme Court justice, to the 11th and 12th seats on the appeals court.

. . .

Mr. Kavanaugh, at 38, would be one of the youngest members of the federal appeals bench. He is assistant to the president and staff secretary, and has been responsible for marshaling the fleet of largely conservative judicial nominees the president has sent to the Senate, resulting in angry battles with Democrats. But he is probably better known as a senior assistant to Kenneth W. Starr, the independent counsel who investigated President and Mrs. Clinton for a variety of issues. Mr. Kavanaugh was one of the principal authors of the "Starr report" that argued that President Clinton deserved to be impeached because of how he dealt with his dalliance with Monica Lewinsky, a one-time White House intern.


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