Tuesday, July 29, 2003

DLC'ers Paint Dean as a Lefty

". . . some of the 650 DLCers taking part in Monday’s meeting insisted that Dean’s bubble is likely to burst.

DLC member and Wisconsin state legislator Jeff Plale, who is supporting Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut for the nomination, said, “Dean is a novelty.” According to Plale, “Once folks start to really understand Howard Dean, his attraction as a candidate will start to fade. By running so far to the left, he’s positioning himself outside the mainstream.”

Further down in the article, we see the real DLC concerns: their fear of Bush hardliners, and their fear of losing the control of the Democratic party.

"Without identifying any candidate by name, DLC Chairman Sen. Evan Bayh warned, “The Democratic Party is at risk of being taken over by the far left.” Seeming to allude to Dean’s angry anti-Bush campaign trial rhetoric, Bayh said, “We have an important choice to make: Do we want to vent, or do we want to govern?”

Yes, making nice with the brownshirts has worked so well up to now. These smokes must be suffering from battered wife syndrome.

If no one in the DLC has the stones to campaign hard against Bush, they need to step aside and let the man go through. Have these quislings even looked at Dean's moderate politics?


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