Friday, July 11, 2003

From Tenet's Pseudo Mia Culpa

. . . (T)he State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research included a sentence that states: "Finally, the claims of Iraqi pursuit of natural uranium in Africa are, in INR's assessment, highly dubious."

. . .

"From what we know now, agency officials in the end concurred that the text in the speech was factually correct, i.e. that the British government report said that Iraq sought uranium from Africa. This should not have been the test for clearing a presidential address. This did not rise to the level of certainty which should be required for presidential speeches, and CIA should have ensured that it was removed."

Translation: Bush was just parroting what the British said, even though he know the it was "highly dubious". Next time the CIA will stop Bush from lying to get his war on. Promise.

And I swear I'll pull out next time, too.


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