Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Indignant "Embed" Thinks He's A Journalism Hero

From "Wolf Blitzer Reports"

". . . I wouldn't risk my behind for anyone's entertainment. And it surprised me that a number of these people whose job is to interface with the media found the whole embed system unimpressive. After all, in the States, the Pentagon and media outlets for the most part thought the experience was a huge success."

Easy there, Ernie Pyle. The "embedded reporter" program allowed limited access without content or context. Thus, the military was able to completely control the message. I'm sure the Pentagon saw that as a success.

". . . (T)he military is supposed to serve the people, providing a common defense or ensuring national security. How is the public to know if that military is living up to those goals or the will of a nation if the people don't know what the military is doing?"

Dude thinks some disoriented reporter huddling in the back of a Bradley can assess what the military is doing or whether its meeting goals? Talk about the fog of war.


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