Tuesday, July 01, 2003

"Its a Guerrilla War!" "Its a Terrorist War"

Like two schmucks arguing the true nature of Certs minty freshness, the Press and Donald Rumsfeld today took to kibitzing over the proper identification of Iraqi hostiles. "Guerrillas" says the press. "Terrorists" says Rumsfeld. I guess "Freedom Fighters" wasn't on the list of possible choices.

"(Reuters) - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Monday remnants of toppled President Saddam Hussein's government have coalesced into a "terrorist network" in Iraq, but rejected the notion that U.S. and British forces are facing a guerrilla war or are stuck in a quagmire. During a Pentagon briefing, Rumsfeld compared the postwar situation in Iraq to the difficult path taken by the United States after declaring its independence from Britain and before establishing a new Constitution and electing a president."

Um, so that would mean, we're like the British, and the Iraqis are like, uh, Ethan Allen's Green Mountain Boys? I need to find Samuel Adams, quick.


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