Tuesday, July 15, 2003

More On Judge Sentelle (see previous story below)

With this judge, who needs terrorists?
By CRAGG HINES - Houston Chronicle

"When Attorney General John Ashcroft says, "Jump," U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge David B. Sentelle in Washington asks, "How high?" If Ashcroft says, "Three feet," Sentelle replies, "Why not five?," then hikes his robe and leaps.

How else do you explain the obsequiously Stalinesque ruling that Sentelle authored last week allowing the government to run an ethnic dragnet, secretly arrest anyone, throw the detainees under the jail, keep them there an unlimited amount of time and never make public their names, their possible misdeeds nor their attorneys (assuming they've even been allowed to attempt to seek counsel)?"

Sentelle is a prime example of why Democrats must keep up the battle on federal judicial appointments.


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