Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Opps!! White House aide "forgets" to tell bosses about Niger uranium lie

WASHINGTON, July 22 — White House officials acknowledged Tuesday that they received two CIA memos in October raising doubts about intelligence claims that Iraq was seeking to buy uranium in Africa, an allegation since proven false that President Bush trumpeted in his State of the Union address three months later.

. . .

[Deputy national security adviser Stephen] Hadley said at a briefing for reporters . . . that he was “pretty sure I read [the memos], but I don’t recollect them.” White House sources told NBC News that Hadley was “beside himself.” A senior source said Hadley offered his resignation, but Bush would not accept it. The sources said Bush remained confident in Rice, Hadley and Tenet.

In other news, two more soldiers were killed in Iraq today.


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