Tuesday, July 01, 2003

The Party of Personal Responsibility Strikes Again

From Dana Milbank at WaPo

"With the start of his reelection campaign in the past two weeks, President Bush has revived his pastime of blaming his predecessor, Bill Clinton, for the economic recession.

'Two-and-a-half years ago, we inherited an economy in recession,' he told donors at a Bush-Cheney '04 reception yesterday in Miami. He has raised the same accusation in fundraising appearances since mid-June in Washington, Georgia, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

It's a good applause line for a crowd of red-meat political supporters. The trouble is it's a case of what the president has called, in another context, revisionist history. The recession officially began in March of 2001 -- two months after Bush was sworn in"

Damn that Evil Clenis, does it never rest?


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