Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Sentelle and the DC Circuit Court of Appeals Strikes Again

Remember the DC Circuit? The court that removed independent prosecutor Robert Fisk after he concluded there was nothing to Whitewater? The Court that then appointed the highly partisan Kenneth Starr? The same court that quashed contempt proceedings for prosecutorial misconduct against Starr?

Well, now Judge's Sentelle, Silberman, and the other Republican appointees on "Americas Second Highest Court" have rejected President Clinton's claim for reimbursement of Whitewater legal fees.

A federal statute allows reimbursement for legal fees incurred by a sitting president. Ronald Reagan was reimbursed 72% of his legal fees from the Iran-Contra Scandal. George H. W. Bush received a 59% reimbursement. But, holding the Whitewater witchhunt would have been pursued even if Clinton were not president, the DC Circuit found that only 2% of Clinton's $3.5 million in legal fees were reimbursable.

Clinton is being forced to pay more than he earned for serving his country as president. Sentelle and Silberman's apparent bias is an insult to all American jurists. More proof that Republicans cannot be trusted in positions of power.


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