Thursday, July 24, 2003

The Smoking Crater that was Dennis Miller's Career

Uggabugga nails the breathtakingly unfunny appearence by Dennis Miller on Leno last night:

"Not only did he have to prep his audience with the fact that Robert Byrd had been in the KKK so that he could then recite his lame "burning the cross at both ends" joke, but he went on to opine about the political scene:

IRAQ: "Am I the only one who could care less about weapons of mass destruction?".

ON THE DEFICIT: "If we owe somebody, just don't pay it."

JERRY SPRINGER RUNNING FOR OFFICE: "The gene pool is so shallow, we don't need a lifeguard on duty."

SPORTS: "Tour de Fra..., Tour de Spineless Greasy-haired Wusses."

Searching for a funny Dennis Miller joke is like being Diogenes with an empty Zippo. <./Millerism>


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