Friday, July 11, 2003

Tenet Falls on his Sword for Bush's Lies

July 11 — CIA Director George Tenet said Friday that he was responsible for President Bush’s false allegation in his State of the Union address that Baghdad was trying to buy uranium in Africa, a key part of Bush’s argument for military action in Iraq.


Nevermind that the Bush Administration pressured the CIA to generate intelligence supporting Iraqi WMD claims.

Nevermind the press reported the Bush Administration knew the Niger uranium documents were forgeries as early as March 2002.

It was all that nasty George Tenet's fault, fooling our handsome, focused President. And hey, did you see how good Mr. Bush looks in a flight suit?

FOLLOWUP: And now the Little Emperor says Tenet is forgiven, time to move on. Isn't that fucking precious? A quicker resolution than your average episode of Full House. Well, its not like it was a lie about something serious.

Like a blowjob.


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