Wednesday, July 30, 2003

U.S. Soldiers in Iraq Go Without Water

"Carla Hitz has been sending care packages to Iraq ever since her son deployed in February. But when U.S. soldiers starting writing home asking for water, she decided to take action.

As part of 'Operation We Love Our Soldiers,' Hitz started building a supply of water to send over to thirsty service men.
Carla Hitz: 'Every contribution, whether it's big, whether it comes from a corporation or whether it comes from an individual who brings what they can afford from their heart, it will impact the life of a soldier.'

Officials from the Utah National Guard say the shortage is because the U.S. government never expected one hundred and fifty thousand troops to still be in Iraq during the hot summer months.
Some soldiers report that heat indexes have reached one hundred and forty degrees. Many of the service men are only getting one or two bottles of water to drink each day. "

From KSL-TV Salt Lake, referred by Ticchick at Salon Tabletalk


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