Monday, August 18, 2003

The 2004 Wingnut Poster Children

See, you try to help people, and what happens?

A Habitat for Humanity house in Scranton is condemned. The city says the family wrecked the place.

Newswatch 16 first introduced the Smiths three years ago, a family of 20 with a dream to own their own home. The Smith family (mother, father, and 18 children) can no longer live in the Habitat for Humanity home. The city says it's unsafe.

. . .

"The kitchen's totally destroyed. Every room is destroyed, holes in the wall, doors torn off, graffiti all over the walls. Two bathrooms totally destroyed," said code enforcement officer William Fiorini.

"All I can say is I'm sorry. I can't account for why it was condemned like that. It's not like my kids are bad kids. If you have some kind of damage in the house it's not because of the damage. It's more a financial problem," said (Charles Smith, the homeowner).He said he doesn't work because of a heart problem.

Get ready for a Mike (Savage) Weiner special report on this bunch.


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