Saturday, September 27, 2003

Wha'choo talkin 'bout, Willis?

Bruce Willis, on a USO Tour of Iraq, lets go this smoldering turd of a lie:

"Peculiar thing back home is that the liberal media was trying to portray it as a bad war," said Willis, noting that with elections coming up, "obviously they are trying to grind their axes, get elected and trying to portray the war as unpopular."

"But being over here just a couple of days, seeing how well our troops and the allied troops are being received here, (I) think the Iraqi people are happy we're here. Children are being taken care of, starting being inoculated, starting being looked after," said Willis. "Wherever these guys go they get thumbs up. They no longer have to contend with the terrorist leader."

Willis hasn't so far had the opportunity to see or meet any Iraqis during his visit, since he has been traveling by helicopter. ...."

From CBS News Online


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