Saturday, October 11, 2003

When big media gets bigger: The Death of Democracy

"That giveaway (on media ownership rules by the FCC) brought protests from over 2 million citizens; they turned the FCC into a besieged Bastille on the Potomac. Such indignation from the grass roots caused even the Senate to say, 'Whoa, something's going on. People really care about this issue.' And the Senate stopped the FCC in its tracks. There are enough votes to do the same in the House. But then, General Electric, owner of NBC; News Corp, owner of Fox; Viacom, owner of CBS; and Walt Disney, owner of ABC, brought on the hired guns -- the lobbyists -- to wage a Trojan War on Congress. A passel of former insiders moved through the revolving door, Rolodex in tow, trading their influence for cash -- top aides of the Senate majority leader, the House majority whip and of John Ashcroft himself.

Now the most powerful Republican in Congress, Tom DeLay, the House majority leader, won't let a vote happen. The effort to reverse the FCC is dead in the water, sinking the democratic process with it. "


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