Monday, November 17, 2003

Time for Plan "B"

A pretty, blonde soldier ambushed by the Iraqis, courageously firing until her ammo runs out, shot and stabbed and carried off by the enemy who, after taking time out to rape her, deposit her unconscious body in a hospital, where she is slapped around by evil medical staff, then, nine days later, is rescued in a daring, nighttime raid that is videotaped and can be shown repeatedly around the world and who, as soon as she recovers, will tell what it's like to be an all-American hero. It was a gift from the propaganda gods.

Just two problems: It didn't happen that way, and the designated hero, Pte. Jessica Lynch, refuses to say it did.

In fact, Lynch is telling anyone who asks that she is no hero: 'That wasn't me. I'm not about to take credit for something I didn't do ... I'm just a survivor.' Okay so far, modesty and all.

But Lynch is also a mite angry about the Pentagon's manipulation of events and can't seem to stop correcting the record.

. . .

"Yikes. Time for Plan B: It isn't our fault.

A senior military official tells Time magazine that, contrary to appearances, the Saving Private Lynch story was not, no way, a calculated PR ploy, but more a "comedy of errors," based on patchy battlefield intelligence. The media just ran with it.

Uh-huh. And the Navy made up the "Mission Accomplished" banner. Tell me about personal responsibility again, Unka Dick.


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