Monday, December 08, 2003

Clark: Great message, but did he join the race too late?

'I never believed we should have gone in there that way, and we went in there without the right kind of plan to do the job the right way,'' said Clark, explaining that the $150 billion ''mess'' has killed more than 400 Americans and critically injured 2,000 soldiers who are ''missing arms and legs'' and ''have stomach wounds they'll never get over.''

. . .

Clark said, ''This election is going to be about this president landing on that aircraft wearing a flight suit,'' with an audience member chiming in, ''That's a joke.''

He said, ''It's going to be about the president flying to Baghdad in the middle of the night to deliver turkeys to the troops,'' and someone else chimed in, ''Because he is one.''

''It's going to be about the Republicans trying to take away our flag and patriotism and our faith from us. With me as your candidate, I'm not going to let them do it,'' Clark said.


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