Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Democrats' brawling delights Republicans

WASHINGTON - Infighting between Howard Dean and some of his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination has gotten so nasty of late that Dean called on party chairman Terry McAuliffe to step in and tone things down. In the process, Dean managed to insult McAuliffe.

Republican strategists, meanwhile, are watching it all with barely contained glee.

“They are beginning to really gouge this guy,” Republican pollster Bill McInturff said about Dean, chuckling. “Look at Howard Dean and, as a Republican, think about the advertising we’re going to run.”

McInturff said Republicans could use John Kerry’s quotes about Dean wanting to tax the middle class, or the “wonderful attack” from Wesley Clark about Dean’s draft status or the “terrific comments” from Joe Lieberman about Dean’s stance on Saddam Hussein’s capture.


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