Saturday, December 13, 2003

GREAT NEWS! I just received the first donation to my blog!

Apparently your truly caught the attention of a certain Chief A.A.Mkpitima, J.P., a government official of an undisclosed African nation. Turns out the Chief, as his friends call him, has a sum of money he needs to transfer out of the county, and, well, I let him explain it in his own words:



I am chief Adewale Adeolu Mkpitima (J.P) I am fourty five years old, married with three children. I entract your utmost reliance in this informations and the transaction as whole.

I am the head of the National House of Assembly Contract Review
Committee (NHCRC), this is a four man committee set up by the National House of Assembly members/senators, to review all the contracts awarded by the Department of Petroleum Resources(D.P.R) ten years ago (1993-2002) to foreign firms on turn around/ gen.maintenance of the Refineries. This action is reached as a result of the collapse of all the Refineries in our Country that has led to the importation of Fuel which has resulted to persistent Fuel scarcity in our country.

In the course of our assignment we discovered some contract
misappropation (OVER-INVOICE} among them is this particular contract that was OVER-INVOICED of the tune $15 Million Dollars( Fifteen Million U.S Dollars) which we the members of this committee have unanimously agreed to use as a compensation for this great assignment, since then we have been safeguarding this tune awaiting the appropriate time to channel this tune (amount) into a utilisation account

With the death of the one time Senate President Chief Chuba Okadigbo whom has been a threat to the arrangement.We deem it
appropriate/neccessary to transfer this tune into a UTILISATION foreign account, but this arrangement will not be complete without a foreign utilisation account. it is in this regard you are contacted (partnership is required)

For effective actualisation you are to forward to us the following

A) Your full name and brief information on your profile.

b) Your confidential Tel/Fax numbers (mobile)

c) Your full contact /office address.

We have agreed to offer you 30% of the total sum for this essential role, 5% has been ear-marked for settlement of any incidental expenses that may come up in the course of this transaction. please note that the hope, confidence bestowed on you should not be over-emphasised, and you are also to assist us in investing our share 65% while we are there in your country.


Please forward your anticipated reply on my confidential e-mail

Chief A.A.Mkpitima J.P.

So you see, with a little hard work, a little patience, and the death of Senate President Chief Chuba Okadigbo, good things can happen. The important part is, I'M RICH, Be-yotch!


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