Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Hate to say Ayatollah so . . .

"Six months before the planned transfer of sovereignty in Iraq, new political forces have been filling the vacuum left by the fall of Saddam. But a brush with the new authorities can mean a familiar encounter over identity cards and threats.

. . .

The murals of Saddam had gone, but they had been replaced everywhere by faces of Islamic leaders.

In the Basra market they were selling posters of Ayatollahs as they had once been selling Saddam memorabilia.

Restaurants were banned from selling alcohol and in the mosques the Imams were recounting historic battles as if they had happened the day before and not hundreds of years ago.

They must have known it in Washington but, amazingly, by getting rid of Saddam, the Americans have seamlessly given birth to Islamic fundamentalists. "


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