Monday, January 12, 2004

He's making a blacklist, he's checking it twice . . .

(Columnist David) Horowitz is seeking funds to develop a huge database of so-called "leftist" and "liberal" individuals and organizations, a massive snitch file. In a "confidential" memo floating around the Web, he asked for help in financing this database, which will "make transparent the network of the left, including individuals, organizations, groups, and government legislators and officials along with the funding sources that underpin them."

These groups, according to the memo, include "peace groups, anti-nuke groups, civil liberties groups, Muslim groups, anti-Israel groups and immigration groups." Soon to be added will be "science groups, labor groups, business groups, gun-control groups, abortion groups, and various special interest lobbies." Presumably not included, however, are those lobbies that represent right-wing views. The fact that many of these "leftist" groups are pretty mainstream is irrelevant to Horowitz.


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