Wednesday, January 07, 2004

MSNBC - Study sees mass extinctions via warming

Global warming could wipe out a quarter of all species of plants and animals on Earth by 2050 in one of the biggest mass extinctions since the dinosaurs, according to an international study.

“A quarter of all species of plants and land animals, or more than a million in all, could be driven to extinction,” said Chris Thomas, professor of Conservation Biology at England’s University of Leeds.

Thomas, lead author of the study published in the science journal Nature, said emissions from cars and factories could push temperatures up to levels not seen for one million to 30 million years by the end of the century, threatening many habitats.

. . .

Among the already threatened species that could go extinct are Australia’s Boyd’s forest dragon, Europe’s azure-winged magpie and Mexico’s Jico deer mouse.

Know what? Fuck the deer mouse. I'm buying a Hummer.


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