Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Progress in Iraq?

A dubiously sourced email, allegedly from Lt Karl Nielson, Chaplin, has been making the rounds of the warblogger contingent. The email sets forth a list of Coalition accomplishments since the Iraq invasion. The original list, along with information debunking each claim, can be found at "Back to Iraq".

Here's some more good news you might have missed in Iraq since the American invasion:

- Iraqis no longer driven to soul-rending insanity by the tenticled Cthulhu.

- 50 cent wing night at BW3s.

- Indoor plumbing now functional in up to 10% of Iraqi homes.

- Free Bagdad concert by Carrot-Top to promote the new 1-800-CALL-ATT system.

- Kathy Lee Gifford tenatively considering relocation of clothing factory to Basra.

- One-third drop in needless civilian slaughter in many Iraqi neighborhoods.

- Tacky black-felt paintings of naked women removed from Saddam's palaces since Paul Bremer moved in.

- Grease payments over $100.00 entitle payer to "Honorary IGC Member" t-shirt.

- McRibbs available at participating McDonalds (limited time only).


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