Monday, January 12, 2004

Whitehouse Dictates Washington Post Editorial Policy

Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank tells Auletta that the White House froze him out after he wrote such stories as "For Bush, Facts Are Malleable" in 2002. (Milbank adds, in an interview, that he was referring to not being called on at news conferences and that things have improved under spokesman Scott McClellan.)

The Post's political editor, Maralee Schwartz, tells Auletta that Rove and former White House aides Karen Hughes and Ari Fleischer all suggested Milbank was in the wrong job. Initially, she says in the piece, "there was a lot of attitude in his copy" but this "got detoxed in the editing process and Dana has come to understand his role better." Executive Editor Leonard Downie is quoted as praising Milbank's reporting.


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