Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Dennis Miller didn't just jump the shark - He joined it in holy matrimony . . .

Once upon a time, before CNBC's "Dennis Miller," before co-hosting "Monday Night Football," even before HBO's "Dennis Miller Live," the actual Dennis Miller, host of "SNL's" "Weekend Update," had the headline joke-extraction market pretty well cornered. And as sarcastic know-it-alls go, he was pretty funny.

But that was long ago, before "Saturday Night Live's" incisive Tina Fey revitalized his former franchise, before Jon Stewart remade "The Daily Show" into the only genuine source of political satire on American TV, and before Miller — whose political apostasy was so swift, categorical and absolute that it made St. Augustine's thunderbolt conversion to Christianity look like a passing fancy — became a man on a very particular, if very confusing, mission.

"Nine-eleven changed me," Miller said last week, by way of explaining how a guy whose living once involved impugning the intellect of the commander in chief could wind up across the table from David Horowitz, another liberal-turned-conservative-pundit, calling him "Davey" and tacitly agreeing to his suggestion that the CIA failed to do its job in Iraq because "the liberals in the universities" somehow prevented its agents from learning Arabic in college.

From the LA Times Online (link unavailable)


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