Friday, February 06, 2004

Indictments May Be Imminent in Plame Affair

"Federal law enforcement officials said that they have developed hard evidence of possible criminal misconduct by two employees of Vice President Dick Cheney's office related to the unlawful exposure of a CIA officer's identity last year.

The investigation, which is continuing, could lead to indictments, a Justice Department official said.

According to these sources, John Hannah and Cheney's chief of staff Lewis 'Scooter' Libby were the two Cheney employees.

'We believe that Hannah was the major player in this,' one federal law enforcement officer said.

Calls to the vice president's office were not returned. Hannah and Libby did not return calls.
The strategy of the FBI is to make clear to Hannah 'that he faces a real possibility of doing jail time,' as a way to pressure him to name superiors, one federal law enforcement official said."

From UPI. Major news media seems to be taking a pass on this story.


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