Tuesday, June 27, 2006

And now, happy thoughts from our friends at REDSTATE!

Homosexuality - A Congenital Defect

Synopsis - what happens when a eugenics hobbyist is given unmonitored access to the Internets.

Seems that our new friend vbPhil found an article at BBC Online which he cites as:

"further proof that sexual orientation is not a personal choice. The study suggests that males who share the same mother with multiple older male siblings, may have been effected by the mothers body during gestation . . . Scientists from Michigan State University said: 'These data strengthen the notion that the common denominator between biological brothers, the mother, provides a prenatal environment that fosters homosexuality in her younger sons.'"
The study also proves that the unrestricted application of the Yokozuna by older brothers on younger brothers is having a terrible unintended effect. Hold on. The voice in vbPhil's head is suggesting something else. What's it telling you, vb?

"It tells me that homosexual tendencies should be considered a disease; a congenital defect. Once this has been established, then the logical next step would be to consider treatment options, just as we can now correct other congenital abnormalities."
Yeah! But before we can develop a cure were gonna need a place to keep them 'mos. Maybe something like a camp . . . Wait now. Before the v-man can even pitch a tent, he want's to start with the medical experiments.

"Perhaps newborns should be treated with hormone therapy under certain conditions, in much the same way as they are placed under special lights to reverse the yellowing effect of jaundice."
Or you know what would be cool? If we inject die into their eyes so they look like Marilyn Manson! Bitchin'!

"Babies who are born with severely cleft pallets are no longer left to suffer their condition. Why should we suffer babies to be confused about their sexual orientation throughout their lives."
Yeah, and and what about the baby boys who are gay and have cleft pallets? They face the horror of a lifetime of doing sloppy blow jobs. Death, where is your sting?

"Yes, this study may be more valuable than I first thought. Perhaps a horrible malady can now be properly addressed as a medical condition, rather than as a simple life style choice that demands equality under the law."
Next up: special quarantine for those poor souls who contract Moonbat Syndrome.


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