Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Be advised, we got zips in the wire.

Looks like the cyberjihad is heating up down at the home of the flatulent jammies.

Internet Islamists on the hunt.

Michelle Malkin is experiencing problems with her weblog after being the target of cyberattacks. While they last, Pajamas Media will host her posts . . .

Yes, war is hell on the Keyboard Kommando front. Those potty-mouth Muslamofacsists are at it again.

"After receiving several threats and experiencing one denial of service attack upon appearing on Fox News Channel to display the Mohammed Cartoons, my site went down again this morning . . ."
But as long as brave Ms. Malkin goes down drawing fire, the cyberjahadists with never cyberattack the cyberheartland. Its like the flypaper strategy, only its cyberpaper, and you still have a hand free for the cybersex.

In not really related news: Hello infidel? Are you having Prince Albert in the can?


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